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HPMC Powder High Quality for Gypsum

06. 01, 2023

HPMC Powder High Quality for Gypsum

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Cellulose ethers are frequently employed as water-retaining agents in gypsum mortar, particularly in desulfurized gypsum. Extensive research has consistently demonstrated that the presence of a water-retaining agent significantly impacts the quality of gypsum and the performance of the anti-plastering layer in plastering gypsum. Adequate water retention ensures thorough hydration of the plastering gypsum, guarantees the required strength, and enhances the rheological characteristics of the material.

Characteristics of HPMC

Cellulose HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose) exhibits several distinct characteristics. It appears as a white, non-ionic cellulose ether and does not possess any discernible odor or taste in its powdered form. It is readily soluble in water as well as other organic substances such as ethanol, propanol, and dichloroethane. However, it remains insoluble in acetone, diethyl ether, and anhydrous alcohol.

When HPMC is dissolved in an aqueous solution, it demonstrates excellent stability, imparting transparency and surface activity. Upon heating, the Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose undergoes thermal gelation, resulting in the formation of gels. This gelation property is responsible for the precipitation of HPMC when exposed to heat.

Applied to gypsum features

1. improve the water retention and processability, and improve the adhesion to the substrate.

2. it is insensitive to the alkalinity of gypsum and can quickly infiltrate in various gypsum products without agglomeration.

3. It has no negative effect on the porosity of the cured gypsum product and ensures the respiratory performance of the gypsum product.

4. it has good retarding effect and does not affect the growth of gypsum crystal.

5. It has proper wet adhesion to ensure the bonding ability of the material to the base surface.

6.It can greatly improve the construction performance of gypsum products, which are easy to spread and do not stick to the knife.




For more than 18 years, MATECEL  has been providing high quality cellulose ether products to construction industry, such as HPMC, MHEC, HEC, CMC, RDP/VAE, Polyvinyl Alcohol and so on. Our focus on cellulose ether quality has made us a commendable partner with hundreds of distributors and users around the world. Today we rank among the most important producer of cellulose ether and other construction additives in China.

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