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Heavy Snow Today

12. 07, 2022

Suddenly, like a spring breeze

Thousands of pear trees bloom

At 11:46 today

We welcome the third solar term after winter

Major Snow

Heavy Snow Today

So far, the snow is full

The days continue to shorten and the nights become longer

The midwinter season officially begins

The snowflakes are flying and the sky is silvery

Ice and snow, wrapped in snow

White snow adorns everything

The world is quiet and leisurely

It is a unique romantic poetry in winter

Heavy Snow Today

The fog condenses on the branches when it gets cold

Form a light and white rime

Yushu Qiongzhi, graceful and graceful

As beautiful as a fairy tale, as dreamy as a fairyland

Heavy Snow Today

"Seal the land with light snow, and seal the river with heavy snow"

In the north, many rivers will gradually freeze

Enjoy the scenery of river closure and enjoy skating and skiing

The cold winter also becomes vivid

Heavy Snow Today

"Light snow pickles, heavy snow bacon"

In some areas of the south

Every family is busy curing "salted goods"

It is a sense of ritual belonging to this solar term

Heavy snow is also a good time to make up

Orange, hawthorn, wolfberry, mutton

They are seasonal supplements

Moisturizing lips and tongues, warming heart

Heavy Snow Today

In the days of heavy snow

Sitting around the fire, you can enjoy the light

Or drinking tea, reading, or chatting about family affairs

The bottom of my heart will be warm

Today's heavy snow, Shengya

Auspicious snow promises a bumper year, with thick accumulation and thin hair

I hope you and I can be in this winter

Accumulate energy silently

Waiting for the spring flowers to bloom

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